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A Comprehensive Cosmetics Audit with eXPD8 Beauty

In the dynamic world of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods & Beauty, bringing a new product to market is a journey filled with challenges. Having dedicated most of my career to this industry, I am acutely aware of the hurdles faced by both established brands and emerging players. This article delves into the intricacies of the product distribution process, shedding light on the transition from brand control to collaboration with commercial partners, and the role of eXPD8 Beauty in ensuring the realisation of the brand’s vision on store shelves.

The Journey Begins

Years of meticulous research and development culminate in the birth of a new product concept. Recognising market gaps and the opportunity to reinvigorate a product category, the brand takes charge, steering the ship from conception to the marketing phase. At this point, total control is in the hands of the brand, ensuring that strategies are crafted to effectively engage with customers.

The Handover to Commercial Partners

As the product is loaded onto trucks and dispatched for distribution, a pivotal moment occurs—the brand must relinquish control to commercial partners who share the same vision. This transition is crucial, as the effectiveness of the product’s in-store presence now lies in the hands of external entities. The challenge arises from the sheer volume of New Product Developments (NPDs) entering retail stores daily, numbering around 30 to 40 pieces on average.

The eXPD8 Beauty Advantage

Enter eXPD8 Beauty; a crucial player in supporting brands through this challenging phase. Our services empower brands to visit a significant number of retail outlets in a single day, providing valuable insights into the reality of the in-store experience. The fundamental questions they answer include: Has the brand’s vision translated to the shelf? Is the product readily available to the consumer?

Making the Vision a Reality

eXPD8 Beauty’s role is instrumental in ensuring that the brand’s vision is not lost amidst the multitude of products flooding the retail space. By offering comprehensive cosmetics audit services, we bridge the gap between brand expectations and in-store reality. This real-time feedback loop allows brands to make informed decisions, fine-tuning strategies for optimal product placement and availability.


In the ever-evolving world of FMCG, the journey from product conception to retail shelves is fraught with challenges. Collaboration with reliable commercial partners and leveraging services like eXPD8 Beauty’s cosmetics audit, are essential for brands seeking to maintain control over their vision in the competitive retail landscape. As the retail environment continues to evolve, the ability to adapt and make data-driven decisions becomes paramount for the success of emerging and established brands alike.
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Nadia Capaldi
eXPD8 Beauty – Client Services Controller

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