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  • Expert in-store retail execution to grow sales

    eXPD8 beauty supports retailers and brands in maximising revenue and ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction through cost-effective, efficient and unparalleled retail execution.

  • Unprecedented coverage through a highly skilled and agile team

    Our beauty team are local to store, reducing travel cost and our carbon footprint, while providing unrivalled call coverage throughout every postcode in the UK.

  • Integrated, flexible approach to deliver seamless end-to-end support

    We operate as a trusted extension of the store colleague workforce with access to internal store systems and data, to maximise influence on the shopfloor.


Product Merchandising

Skilful arrangement of cosmetics on shelves and displays, strategically showcasing products to entice customers and enhance their shopping experience.

  • Range reviews
  • Planogram implementation Promotional set up
  • Space realignment
  • NPD placement
  • New store / refit set up
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Inventory Management

Efficiently monitoring and maintaining cosmetic stock levels, ensuring availability of popular items while minimising excess or outdated inventory.

  • Gap scanning
  • Availability auditing
  • Product reordering
  • Product mapping
  • Compliance checking
  • Returns management
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Data & Auditing

Thoroughly analysing sales data and conducting audits to identify trends, measure product performance, and optimise merchandising strategies for cosmetics.

  • EPOS analysis
  • Data driven visits
  • Space performance analysis Price monitoring / validation Category insight gathering & analysis
  • ROI measurement & analyst
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How eXPD8 transformed the cosmetics department for Meiyume

eXPD8 beauty and Meiyume have developed a solid partnership after working together on many merchandising and installation projects within the last few years.

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Brief from client
Data gathering
Key stakeholder engagement


Location selection
Implementation of brief
Time trial
Resource planning


POS / product logistics
Site visits
Execution of brief
Data capture / compliance


Data analysis
Performance measurement
Compliance assessment
Implementation validation
ROI Assessment
Client / retailer review

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