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Set-up Tray for Fake Tan Brand

Popular Fake Tan Brand

To walk in and set-up a new permanent tray in one of the largest grocers, ensuring products are sited on the tray to planogram with accurate price labels.

Our response:

eXPD8 caught up with the brand prior to arranging the activity to identify their key objectives, which were to set-up trays, improve the overall appearance of their space on fixtures and gauge availability levels across their products within the estate. 

eXPD8 then obtained all relevant information from the brand and assigned calls within the visit window to our team of fully employed, trained merchandisers. Alongside this, to provide an end-to-end service our team oversaw the distribution of trays to merchandisers houses with our trusted distribution partner. 

Visits then commenced and our team of beauty display merchandisers walked trays into store and sited them on fixtures, ensuring products were beautifully merchandised according to the brands planograms whilst simultaneously reporting back on stock levels, in some cases providing valuable insight on issues in store. 

The brand were regularly kept informed with our progress and any compliance issues were fed back to the brand with full insight to enable them to work with the retailer and eXPD8 to rectify any issues.



Average compliance achieved


Number of stores visited


Number of Hours


% of set ups/visits completed


  • SEL Compliance: 98% 
  • Amount of POS sited: 247
  • Average compliance achieved: 93%
  • Number of stores visited: 266
  • Number of hours: 200
  • % of set ups/visits completed: 99%

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