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High Street Retailer Cosmetics Range Change

Meiyume Retail Solutions

To walk in the range change kit and complete the brands update according to the instructions, removing any old POS, parts, and discontinued products, replacing them with new ones. Fully replenishing and tidying the fixture using all available backstock and new product lines, ensuring the fixture is beautifully merchandised.

Our response:

eXPD8 worked with Meiyume and our Field Management team to carefully plan the update, using our knowledge of the category and learnings from previous range changes.

In preparation for this range change, the eXPD8 Beauty Central Office team regularly caught up with the brand to work collaboratively on planning the update. This included testing all instructions and kits in-store to ensure any issues or potential problems were identified to allow solutions to be put in place ahead of time.

Visits were then carefully assigned to Beauty-trained merchandisers who had previously completed range changes and range change training modules to ensure our best possible compliance results. Visits were also aligned to our other calls in Poundland to provide maximum cost efficiencies to the brand.

The combination of this careful planning alongside the brilliant relationships the eXPD8 Beauty Display Merchandisers have built with store colleagues across the estate meant this range change was a success and demonstrated how effective a refresh to stores can be!



Average compliance achieved


Number of stores visited


Number of Hours


of set ups/visits completed


  • 4767 new product lines sited
  • 607 (89%) of calls were completed within the first two weeks
  • 614 kits (90%) were walked into stores by our merchandisers
  • 6129 parts, 14301 POS strips
  • 100% average compliance achieved

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