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Cosmetics Space Changes in Large Grocery Retailer

Meiyume Retail Solutions & Large Grocery Retailer

To support Meiyume Retail Solutions in implementing store refits on behalf of one of the largest grocery retailer. This is required when Cosmetics Stands are replaced or move position in the store during a store refit. eXPD8 are responsible for de-merching Cosmetics stands to enable Meiyumes’ fitting team to implement overnight stand refits. eXPD8 then re-merch the new stands the following morning to minimise the impact on sales.

Our response:

To confirm with Meiyume which stands are being updated, what action is needed from eXPD8’s merchandisers and when the work is required.

Calls are then scheduled to merchandisers detailing the deadline for when the de-merch and re-merch needs to be completed.  This ensures that eXPD8’s element of the work does not impact on Meiyume team’s work, and ensures the stands are re-merched as quickly as possible to minimise sales losses.

A brief is created to ensure that the correct Brand’s stand are de-merched and re-merched plus any other specific instructions our merchandiser needs to be aware of.  To reflect the information given in the brief, a set of questions is then created to ensure the merchandiser is able to accurately report that the correct work has been undertaken in store. This includes capturing photos of the work they have undertaken.



Average compliance achieved


% of set ups/visits completed


Number of hours


All Stores de-merched and re-merched within the agreed timeframes with Meiyume and the retailer.

  • Average compliance achieved: 100%
  • Number of stores visited: 6 Stores
  • Number of Products merchandised: 200
  • Number of Hours: 40.75
  • % of set ups/visits completed: 100%

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