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The Power of the eXPD8 Beauty Crowd for Audits in Store


W7 wanted a sample audit of their 600+ nationwide store base for their new Hybrid trays and clipstrips. They wanted a sample of 50 stores visited as soon as possible so they could get a feel for how implementation had gone and begin to formulate their next steps to ensure maximum sales.

Our response:

We wanted to help W7 have more insight into their new Hybrid tray launch. We focused on spreading our visits across the country to give them a real understanding of what was happening in stores. We ensured our brief for merchandisers was clear on exactly what to look out for and that our questionnaire gave W7 exactly what they were after

Using our CROWDY service, we’re able to get quick insight from a sample of stores nationwide to understand what’s affecting the product or promotion, so this was the perfect option for W7’s request.

We also wanted to go that extra mile to help maximise the launch of the tray wherever possible so we incentivised our merchandisers with a premium payment in any stores they were able to influence and get the POS out on display.

Our CROWD are ready to go, so get in touch to find out more –



Compliance achieved:


Photos Taken:


Calls completed on the first day:


  • 100% of calls booked within 48 hours.
  • 58% of calls completed on the first day of the live date.
  • A nationwide view – from Glasgow to Southampton, Londonderry to Folkestone
  • Over 180 photographs taken


It is great to get all this information from the CROWDY calls. 100% of the calls were booked by eXPD8 merchandisers within 48 hours so a super speedy turnaround. As suspected a lot of our products were not in store but with eXPD8’s help we were able to increase the setup from 52% to 62%. I would definitely use this service again and potentially look to action sooner to ensure more trays could be setup in stores.'

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