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Mapping Rimmel & Sally Hansen Fixtures

To enable instore picking of Online orders

Large Grocery Retailer

To perform a trial in 30 stores to evaluate the viability of Cosmetics being sold online, with the goal of rolling out to a further 421 stores. The eXPD8 team were required to map stands to create unique location numbers to direct instore pickers to the correct products to fulfill customer orders.

Our response:

We carried out an initial trial in 30 stores, working with the retailer to produce two training videos to explain the process to our merchandisers and developing an accompanying training guide.  A brief outlining all steps in the process was created along with a complementary set of questions to enable our merchandisers to feedback that mapping had been undertaken along with supporting photos of key steps to demonstrate the correct process had been followed.

eXPD8 then worked with the Compliance Team to ensure that all stands were mapped correctly prior to online sales launching.  After online sales had been launched, eXPD8 worked with the retailer to identify barriers to low pick rates.  Once these were identified and rectified it enabled the retailer to put together a business case to roll out online sales of cosmetics to a wider store base.

Once approval for expanding the project was gained, a CPA was devised for Brand, retailer and eXPD8 to follow and an evaluation of the trial identified areas where further work was required to enable the project to be delivered in a larger number of stores.

eXPD8 worked closely with the Brand to ensure that all POS was correct prior to the stand being mapped, a critical stage that was overlooked in the trial and compromised compliance.  This POS was then trialed in a small number of stores to ensure it was correct.  This also enabled the Compliance team to trial their checking procedures.

POS being updated was a critical step in the project, so eXPD8 worked with our distribution partner to enable the POS to be sent to our merchandisers directly, rather than sent to store were the potential for it to be lost is higher.

Due to the complexity of the task the initial training videos were developed into an eDUK8 module, with the help of our Beauty Specialist this meant that we could ensure that Merchandisers were guided through every aspect of the task before completing the work in store.  The module is loaded to merchandisers accounts on our learning portal eDUK8 enabling eXPD8 to track which merchandisers had received training ensuring that only trained merchandisers were allocated this task.

eXPD8 then worked closely with the Compliance team to ensure all stores were correctly mapped prior to online sales launching in store.  A programme of follow up visits was then devised with input from out Field Operations Manager, to ensure the revisits were completed and any issues flagged to the merchandiser.



Average compliance achieved


Number of stores visited


Number of hours


Number of POS sited


  • Average compliance achieved: 75%
  • Number of stores visited: 451
  • Amount of POS sited: 22,726
  • Number of Products merchandised: None
  • Number of Hours: 680

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